Things you should not put in a storage unit.

At long last the big day is here and everything is set to put your valued belongings in storage. Before you pack everything and put it in storage you should ask yourself do you really want to store everything? Is it safe to store?  We can help you decide what you should never put in a storage unit.

Here is a list of the most common things you should NOT store:

  1. Any type of fuel (gasoline, propane, lamp oil, etc.). The container holding the fuel could tip over and spill the fuel. The spill could leak into the adjoining units and damage someone’s belongings along with damaging your belongings. Also, there is the possibility that the fumes could ignite and start a fire.
  2. Food, it will attract critters large and small to your unit and the units along side yours. No one wants to open a box of family photos only to learn that little critters living in the box.
  3. Hazardous chemicals, again the chemicals could leak out and damage things in both your units and the units next to you.
  4. Explosives, ammunition, or fireworks, would you want to be next to unit that could explode?
  5. Anything that requires special gloves or gear, if it is not safe to handle without protective gear it is not safe enough to store in a self-storage unit. Some examples are lead acid batteries, lead paint, asbestos, toxic or poisonous stuff.
  6. If it will get you arrested then do not put it in a self-storage unit.


When in doubt ask the self-storage folks. They will be happy to help you decide what is safe to store and what is not safe to store. If they are not happy to help then maybe you should find a self-storage company that is happy to help. Every self-storage company has their own policies on what is safe to store and what is not safe to store. In closing the final authority on what you are allowed to store and what you are not allowed to store is in your rental agreement, please read it. It may take a while to get through it but you will then know for sure what you are responsible for and what the storage facility is responsible for. The agreement will take precedence on any claim or statement made by the staff.

Please let us know if you found this helpful. We also welcome any comments and or questions.